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xiaoyan liu


November 2, 2010

i am a heathy girl..but sometimes i got headche..at that time..i just need to use my hands to massage..

i don't understand why should my head suffer this..or maybe i lack of some rest..esecially at noon..or maybe i have too much stress can not set off..

which kind of pressure can confuse me? yes...i think the only one person  can know that..it is me...

i just need to relax...close my eyes...have a deep breath..calm down..do it again and again..

i should be happy..and that is not a big problem..everyone gonna have this kind of confusion..if something bad happened to me..i need to calm down just forget ..if this painful was really hurt so much..then i just need to change my attitude..not easy to do...

but i know what i need.....

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