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xiaoyan liu



November 4, 2010

we are always easy to speak out something or make decision ...then sometimes we regret or sometimes things gonna change..even out of our surprise..because we are human beings?

am glad to know what i have now..and i should enjoy that...

about emotion..am a serious one...i also have some friends ..they are not serious for that..but what i said..i should choose what i live...

then i will be more happy..and i don't have so much burden

i can have a sweet and tight sleep...

am glad they are all doing well...my friends...

i will wish them...

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06:04 AM Nov 05 2010

xiaoyan liu

am glad that my words can encourage u ..that is my pleasure...i think u are still young..and it is also good to experience some rough time when u are young..then ur business will br better...cheer up!

08:35 AM Nov 04 2010



  I have been workless & restless for the past 2 months . Not I couldn't sleep because , my mind was troubled. I even  lived off of potatoes , rice & pepper  in the previous 3 weeks . But work has gotten better because I out & found it . It may not be what I would like to do really. But when the time is right & money. I'll have my west-indian restaurant . And I could cook theres no doubt about it! Now that im back on track, I sleep at ease . tnx xiaoyan liu