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xiaoyan liu


November 5, 2010

i like all furry stuff...such as teddy bear..little puppy..i really like the Twilight movie..that guy .he is a wolf man..but it is really so cute when he became the wolf...furry..

i like furry feeling so much..because when i hug it..it can warm me...such good feeling..

today the beijing's sky was clean and blue..the warm day..the leaves are turned yellow in this late autumn..it flew down with a light wind..i wear my sweater and scarf stand under the tree...to feel it..

then i met some guys who nearly were gone in my mind..at that time..i smilt to them and greet..

everything gonna disappear..no matter how u wanted or how u hated..just as time goes by..i can not guess his thought..and i don't want me to do that waste my time..

life is nice ..i have a sensitive heart..then i can feel each tiny things of that..so warm feeling is really good..

i don't know u or i don't know him..but every one has a sunshine and chearming smile...that is true..just enjoy our life..

hope everything gonna be ok...

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