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xiaoyan liu


November 7, 2010

the weather changed so quickly ..it seems this changeable is faster than a woman's temper..

the sunshine day is like usual..but unfortunately with big and strong wind..when i go out.. it seems i can not stand straight..i will be flow away..

the winter is coming..maybe i look forward to watching the first snow of 2010..or maybe i can think of some old memories of the last year's snow.. just one year passed by..i experienced too much..the roles of my life were placed ..maybe i wanna know how are their present life now..are they happy or something?

but that is just a piece of my thought..life teach me how to grow up...how to handle the stuffs..maybe am just a visitor for them...

hehe..sometimes i think am too sensitive..maybe it is suitable for me to be a poet..

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06:41 AM Nov 10 2010

xiaoyan liu

the big wind pushed u over...then i think u need a balance..i believe u are stronger than this wind

08:02 PM Nov 08 2010



   The troublesome wind pushes me over too . Or is it that I have  horrible balance ?