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xiaoyan liu


November 11, 2010

i found some interesting phenomenon about opposite culture..hehe

they always say THANK YOU....too much thank you..so i need to tell them again and again..we are just different...for our CHInese ..we don't say thank you always..for our friends...but for a stranger or a new friend...we keep this polite way..but when we become old friends..or good friends..we don't say thank you ..

it is not a impolite way...for us...we just accept u as a good friend in our hearts..because we already know u ..and we have good civilization..

we say thank you as a sclient way..in our mind..

but foreigners..they always say that..i asked why..they told me..they say thanks for their family too..for their parents...hehe...nice..

but we are different..so i should learn more

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07:27 AM Nov 12 2010

xiaoyan liu

have a good time....is that wrong? ben

05:43 AM Nov 11 2010


United Kingdom

Good post! 

I know what you mean.  I have students learning English that always say "have a good time".  They mean well and are saying it to be nice but it's seems a strange thing to say.  It's just out of politeness and are trying to be friendly.  It's nice though, just different cultures.

Ben Laughing

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