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xiaoyan liu


November 18, 2010

that was not good feeling to stnd on the bus shoulder to shoulder..

since faint yesterday..i got a sad mood..

i visited a doctor today..he said..my body quality is weak..and i need to eat more protein food..such as eggs and meat..and take exercise..and i don't go to some places where are so crowd and less fresh air..

some warm-hearted person suggest me that i need to take some sugas on my bad..maybe chocolate..but i think i don't like to eat too often...

there is also a good feeling to feel some warm feeling when i got sick..

warm enough

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06:54 PM Nov 20 2010

xiaoyan liu

ugg shoes can keep warm

04:26 AM Nov 19 2010


Saudi Arabia

im gald you are ok

freugg i really dont like thoes Products

i was  in shopping  I saw the article of manufactur

its  near to thoes

and i didnt like it