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xiaoyan liu


December 3, 2010

am i a serious girl? when i made a friend..am serious for this friendship..morever i always use my heart to treat this ...that is right.. but when this serious attitude with innocent mind...guess what gonna happen? i also don't know the answer.. but i quite know this kind of feeling.. it is not good feeling..innocent means i am like a little girl..i can not consider some consequnce before i did..mostly i just think it by myself... i want to say...let this feeling get out of my brain..i don't wanna it..please!!. but i think the only way to solve this issue is ME..i need to try to adjust my attitude to face it when the problem come out..yes..then i will know the cule.. and this is just a part of my life experience..i don't need to blame at myself..then deny myself.. am a good and cute girl.. if things make me sad..then i need to forget ...baby.. i will be fine...kiss...

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