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xiaoyan liu


January 10, 2011

i went to library with this girl..then i met my old friend..but unfortunately he is a male..a boy..then he invited me to have dinner..but i said..i am with my mate..this girl..so i need to ask her idea...or if she wants to go with us...in another words..if she didn't go with us..so i would go togother with her..after all i came there to do something with her..i mean...as a original way

then i just came to her ..asked her as a gentle way..but she said..no no no..i will not eat with him..i have something to do ..

then she just left ...

is that weird? we spent long way to go there togother..so i think we need to go back togother too..i didn't mean i must have dinner with that boy..if she didn't like..then i just refuse that boy..she is more important than him...but she didn't listen my words before i spoke put...just went away...took his bag...walked away ?

that is really?...actually she did nothing to do after that

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