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xiaoyan liu


January 15, 2011

today was the first day for attending the master exam

i got upset for something..maybe for my study..or maybe for my thoughts..

totally i am upset ..but i found no one can talk with me now..she is at outside..he is sleeping..and they are busy with their stuff..

so i bought a rabbit toy for myself..i think am just a little girl ..maybe i can talk with this magic rabbit..then i will feel better..and my heart is tired..that is not good..

2011..no matter what something is gonna happen..so i need to break this old cage of my heart...

i need change..CHANGE..

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View all entries from everything interesting >

01:10 AM Jan 20 2011

xiaoyan liu

hi..you..i just don't know ur cute name.. about that English article of the Master..i have totally opposite opinion with u..i just think ..wow..difficult..not my piece of dish..hehe.. nice for u..i already add u in my qq

06:41 AM Jan 15 2011


dear xiaoyan,                                                                                                                          nice to see you,I know today was the first day for attending the master exam,yeah,I hear the examation did not simple this year,but after I read the paper,I find English article was  easy ,do you agree with me?   

can we  make friends ?this is my first time to log this webside ,and I join the group today。

wish you good luck tomorrow,here is my contact ,qq number 504450204,you can add it if you are willing to make friends with me .

good night!