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xiaoyan liu


January 23, 2011

i just noticed some news about these days.. that was really amazing.. both of two countries are serious for this relationship.. and that is our wish to become like this.. we will communicate closer..with our business and education.. so maybe this is a chance for me ? for my future.. and i think i need to hold some useful in my hands

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View all entries from everything interesting >

01:27 AM Jan 26 2011

xiaoyan liu

hi..guys thanks for commenting ur words to my essay like i said..that was happiness to think about ..many workers can work in new factories..we need to be happy for little tiny things..don't doubt something like this..

04:49 PM Jan 23 2011


china makes a lot of money exporting stuff to canada .nevermind canada , id say everywhere!

02:53 AM Jan 23 2011

Marshall Islands

There is no chance for working class other than working for subsistence even that entails suitable market conditions as a precondition :)


02:40 AM Jan 23 2011



yes,u can