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xiaoyan liu


January 30, 2011

i just stayed at home these days..not that good..

so today i went out to the street..i need to catch some fresh air for my lazy body..

the whole weater is keeping warm at this period..it snowed in south of CHina.but it so dried in the north of CHina. beijing still didn't snow ..it is different .

the very heavy flood in Austilia..and the disaster in Brizil..big snow storm in the north east of America..a part of japan..and volcano in indonisa..bali island..

the globle warm is coming silently..we human beings made this ..i don't wonder..but i just feel pity for lovely animals..like polo bears..no more ice land for them ..they will die out..

the CHinese new year is coming..so i hope everything goes well for this world..and also for u ..for me..for all of us

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View all entries from everything interesting >

02:45 AM Feb 01 2011

xiaoyan liu

that are very nice of u guys

if u can not see the snow..then come to CHina mainland..remember that we are all CHinese..snow is also a nice view..

yes.i also don't agree with that behavior..we human being always think money is so importnat..so we dig coal mine...oil in so deep soil...then many disaster will come

03:23 PM Jan 30 2011


Oh yes,I hope u enjoy Chinese New Year Xiaoyan.

03:19 PM Jan 30 2011



  The truth is, we could still prevent global warming. We all have to work together to prevents it though. occupying more land with Plant life & trees & carpooling. to make the world stronger , we should stop digging 4 oil. invest more into electrical vehicles .

02:20 AM Jan 30 2011


Happy Chinese New Year!!

People need to protect our earth that don't hurt only our living

For example,riding bicycles and walking more,recycling that people don't need items..etc

But it doesn't snow in Taiwan,only over 2000m mountains,I envy...I never see snows