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United Arab Emirates

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November 2, 2007

Today is 2/11/2007 In the same day as today (2/11/2004), one of the great famous person said goodbye to his country and to the world... he is H.Hince Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan; the president of the UAE previous. He was a loving father not only to me but also to whole Emirates, who loved him with all their feelings,

This was the most  sadness event happened to me until now...

you are in our hearts Papa Zayed , we will never forget you .. 

Hope and asking from God to Blass him and his soul and to be in the highest levels of the haven inshallah... Amin

Those are some of his pictures: Cry









And here I am ,asking you ,,, to stop and remembered what he did to us as a great president and what he did to others country ,,, so prey for him ,,,,, I will never ever forget that there was someone in my life as a father , king ,leader and normal human with all his kindness, mercy and the love who shared it with all his lovers.. Allah yer7amek ya Papa Zayed,,,, :'(( Cry 

11:37 AM Apr 04 2008

Jose luis

Jose luis
Dominican Republic

Hi afreedom, I can see that your papa was a very lovely man and many people loved him, even kids, were loving him, so god saw his love by everyone that prepared his place in heaven, don't  you be warried for him.

I would like to know the meaning of this - Allah yer7amek ya Papa Zayed,,,, :'(( Cry.

 I saw your papa's pics on your profile & i think they are very in interesting. bye..... 

October 28, 2007

 heey Guys,,, how do you do today Cool???!!

I just returned from the university...

Today I had an EXAM in the MTG 100. It's a subject about the math in general and we take it in university as a requirement..Laughing 

Any way, ohh Thank God the exam was so easy and I feel that I did quite well in it....  Lo0o0o0o0o0ol have to wait till the results show........WinkInnocent

hope my best friend did well also ... mooooowaa7

I love math: D really I feel of that passion to it like the English, but my passion to the English is the best ....EmbarassedAnyone love math????????? :D

October 23, 2007

heeeeeeey Guys ...

today I had an Arabic exam and I didn't  do well.loool .

actually Iam not sure of many things in the Grammar .Iam bad in it and hate it don't know why . why on the earth I can't understand the Grammar  Yell

you I did oky but that section of grammar destroy my day !!Cry

any way Iam alittle happy coz of one thing Embarassed

'' I finished the examLaughing :D l0o0o0o0o0o0l''


wish me luck in the others exams

see ya


afreedom angel girl



10:46 PM Oct 23 2007

bent zayed
United Arab Emirates

Don’t worry my love ..

I’m sure that u are going to get high marks..

just believe me , because I now u u

   are a good student ..Wink

all my best to u in this exame and the others..^__^



01:11 PM Oct 23 2007


Hi, i hope in your netx test, you will be better.

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