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United Arab Emirates

October 16, 2007

what a stange life we live in !!!!

thinking of that wonderful things inside her !!

dreaming of lovely friends you will meet!!

know that some complicating will be in ur life !!

but NOT that hards one that Iam facing in my life !!

may be your life is the hardest and you face the most difficult things in your life ... and everyone think like that !!

despite of all what you have ,,, you have to get stronger and more patient everytime you face some rocks in your life way ...

For me I was thinking of the happiness all the time

thoughting that this term of my age will be the funnest and coolest ever

however  , I found many things nowadays that made me feel of bad  I have to laugh coz actually all my whole life I have been having that sadness, tears and pain ..Cry

Dont know if you felt that before , but everytime I say to myself :commmn gril ,you are young !! think of the happiness that everyone talks about , and everytime I do that the sadness just around my life like air around you and you can not leave it !!! strange how my hands write  to describ the bad things with the good thing that we can nver leave or we may die !!!

well I just felt of those emotions right now just becoz of a small argue with my parent ..

remember ''In our life there are always a little things, but whatever the thing was small ,it might give a huge affect on you ''

afreedom angel gril



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View all entries from My ANG£L Blog >

05:46 PM Oct 16 2007




really ur words are very touching and i liked ur optimismSmile