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United Arab Emirates

October 23, 2007

heeeeeeey Guys ...

today I had an Arabic exam and I didn't  do well.loool .

actually Iam not sure of many things in the Grammar .Iam bad in it and hate it don't know why . why on the earth I can't understand the Grammar  Yell

you I did oky but that section of grammar destroy my day !!Cry

any way Iam alittle happy coz of one thing Embarassed

'' I finished the examLaughing :D l0o0o0o0o0o0l''


wish me luck in the others exams

see ya


afreedom angel girl



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View all entries from My ANG£L Blog >

10:46 PM Oct 23 2007

bent zayed
United Arab Emirates

Don’t worry my love ..

I’m sure that u are going to get high marks..

just believe me , because I now u u

   are a good student ..Wink

all my best to u in this exame and the others..^__^



01:11 PM Oct 23 2007


Hi, i hope in your netx test, you will be better.

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