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March 9, 2008

yesterday one of my best friend told me about her feeling, she missed her family so much. well, i knew exactly what she felt. because i have the same case as she has. well we are in the same university. and i also live separately from my parents. i only could encourage her and soothe her trouble mind. in fact i also miss my hometown nara, and nara is not far from my friend's hometown kyoto, fortunately i also have so much friends in this college as well as in the dorm

i also sometimes miss my family. well, to be honest fukuoka is a good prefecture, if i compared it to my prefecture nara, its more like a modern prefecture, but i still love my ancient prefecture nara.. home sweet home

listening to my friends sad story, i suddenly remember my hometown. to be honest i have recently become somewhat accustomed to this city, so it is a lot easier to bear. still, when i am basking in the soft spring sunshine coming in through the windowpanes. i do not think of anything except my memories of nara, my hometown

i remember the time when, at our bidding, i went walking along the mountain paths looking for violets. perhaps you sometimes remember life in those days like i do, right? i could not help remembering our hometown. i often walked around the graveyard searching for violets and adonises... and i recalled so many things. i relived again the resentment i had felt when my older brother scolded me long ago, i will never forgive him ha ha ha. there will never be another occasion which will cause you to scold me, even if i want you to... oh brother how i miss you

what a stupid thing to do. last night, until about three in the morning. i copied in my ibook every interesting event in Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, that bestseller book i had borrowed from the lending library. poor me. i could not restrain my desire for that imaginary pleasure.

i got up this morning around eight-thirty, a strange fatigue clinging to my mind. but i had a class to be attended. after that class finished i will copy the the remainder of Harry potter ha ha ha


08:33 PM Dec 10 2009



hi, i well know the sorrow which you and your friend had. i have suffered the same sorrow.

i have never been to nara, but i love there, there is a place with full historic site, isn't there?

02:41 AM Oct 29 2009



Honey girl with good education.Glad to be your friend.

01:13 AM Feb 02 2009

Yi Liu

Yi Liu


09:45 AM Sep 29 2008


United States

your english is so good!

i'm quite impressed! lovely blog, by the way...

09:33 PM Sep 13 2008



  i  have  the  same  suiation  as  you  are ...

 today  is  our  traditional  festival  mid-autumn festival....i   miss  my  family  very much

12:51 AM Aug 16 2008


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12:59 AM May 15 2008


Viet Nam

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09:25 PM Mar 09 2008


Very pretty memories, it me pleases oir things with very much feeling, you know sometimes I treat that it sews them mas you last do not torment me.

But if you want that you about my opinion only he thinks that the friends are to listen to yourself and if you want to be my best friend, I will help you to that you feel better.

Sere the best of the friends, clear if your you want kisses friend Joathan