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February 22, 2008


Hello all! Having to write profile is quite simple but what is hard is making it sound believable! Describing myself in an honest way I would say that I am a warm-hearted, humorous and independent man at the least.    My childhood and teenage years have both been spent both =AfG=and Australia and this makes me semi-independent :) Gotten the best of both worlds :)  In terms of career God has been gracious and I've already spent 3 years working as an engineer in the computer world and partition industry. These days I like to balance out my lifestyle whether it is just spending time on playing soccer, basketball, swimming, beach volleyball and on my own reading or simply going out on the weekends for dinner, chatting with friends and meeting new people.   I like to write and play sport, which I use as an outlet for myself. I like programming for holidays, travelling around the world in hottest bays and tend to look at things a lot more deeply than others. There's a lot of things I would like to do when I get married especially travel, I hope to work out with the partner, where is the best to do a round the world in 90 days trip! :)  As much as I seem career-orientated right now, I would not take a second thought if ever I had to choose between my family and my career.. seeing kids is great in life time, I love to have a kids rather have no children, in my point with out kids there is no life grantee as depend on your partner!.. Partner expectations: I hope to meet in a lovely nice girl from the world, simple, understandable, honest, young girl who can speak her  mind, is serious about settling down,,, and most importantly who would like to make an effort to understand me. What I offer in return is a life-long friendship with plenty of laughs, love and support will in the futures of our life.   Well,,, I am living in Melbourne  city of Australia, and it is the best city I think, because it have a lot of funs, like sport events , night life, bars restaurants , cultural events and the peoples so friendly, of course the Educational programs runes’ day and night.

  One again’s I like the best playing soccer, running, swimming, basketball, out going some time on the weekend watching movies and traveling around the world and shopping always like the new arrivals fishiness and technologies like computers and the new carsJ))))))

If you have any coments or quistions please feel free to ask me or E-mail me add this ID:






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