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Alice's paradise

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September 15, 2009

Today, is , absolutely a terrible day!

Thanks to my new room mate, i lost sleep the whole night .I lie awake in bed ,thinking how to get along well with her, such a stange person.Her personality features are absolutely odd.Hope I can keep peace with her a little longer...

Then I got up at about 5 o'clock and did some exerices. Having got everything prepared , I went to work on foot and enjoyed the sightseeing around. I expected to have a good time at work,because I love my work so much.

But unfortunately , I made a fool on myself and that really made me feel embarrassed. The seam of my pants split .     Oh my god ,How could it happen ?  Thank goodness, one of my colleagues had needles and cotton on hand.

What a terrible day ! God bless me !

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