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fiying snow

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December 5, 2009

 Not the original !!!

First of all let me explain the types of girls.

1. The Girl who needs attention- This is the girl who wants to hold onto you wherever you go and she wants you to hold on right back. You have to text this girl 24/7 what you are doing, and you also have perpetually surprise her with gifts in bed and out of bed.

2. The girl who needs space- Opposite of attention girl. You cannot smother this girl or she will literally get sick of you.

3. The moody girl- This girl is CRAZY. You better know her well and know when she wants space or when she wants attention. It all depends on her mood. CAUTION: All girls get moody sometime during the month!

4. The trust issue girl- This girl may either need space or attention at first, but overtime as she trusts you more the opposite will happen where she needs attention instead of space or space instead of attention. For example she won't let you hang out with anyone until she trusts you more. Also she won't want to be close to you until she trusts you more.

step 1- figuring out the girl you have

As many have found out texting and facebook are the ultimate tools of the modern era and we will utilize these tools to get the ladies!

Does the girl need attention?

The easiest way to tell is if when you text her and she texts back she gets angry if you don't text back after that. Also, if you don't call her enough she will be upset. Another way to tell is on facebook if she talks to you right away and talks to you a lot.

Other reasons that she would talk to you a lot: she likes you so.

Does the girl need space?

The easiest way to tell is when you text her she doesn't text back right away or on facebook she doesn't talk back right away.

Other reasons that she wouldn't talk to you a lot: she doesn't like you

Is the girl MOODY?

If the girl is inconsistently talking to you for hours on the phone and ignoring you the next day then the case is she is moody.

Other reasons- She's on her period. She likes you and she's upset you haven't asked her out yet.

Does this girl have trust issues?

This doesn't matter because a trust issue girl starts out as an attention girl or space girl, so just follow the steps for them.

step 2- She's a _____ now what?

Attention girl-

Obviously this girl wants attention and wants to be swept off her feet. She needs you to cater for her all the time and you need to tell her what you are doing all of the time. Continually ask this girl to hang out and text her a lot and do special things like give her flowers. When the time is right ask her to be your girlfriend in a very romantic way. Basically be a nice charming guy.

CAUTION!!! Sometimes there are steps that go too far for the girl even if she does just want attention be careful not to give her too much or she'll turn into a space girl and want to be far away from you.

Space girl- This is the girl you need to give room for her friends and for herself so continually be giving her space by not being clinging. I.E. you don't have to text her every 10 seconds and don't have to hang out with her everyday all day. Basically she'll come to you you can't just go to her every time. Basically be a bad ass guy with loads of confidence like you don't even need this girl.

CAUTION!!! Sometimes being too cocky will make you look like you don't like the girl so be careful!

Moody girl- DAMN!!! You have to know what she wants all the time. Just apply attention girl and space girl directions at the right time or you could seriously get hurt.

step 3- starting out

attention girls- you should probably start romantically be a gentlemen and be nice. Open doors hold things do a lot of extra stuff to make this girl feel special. Don't start out as friends or you'll end up as a friend! It is important for her to know that you are a romantic not a friend.

Space girls- Basically be as confident as possible here but not too confident. You have to have the charisma to just go up to her and talk, about anything. Even better if you give the girl a compliment and show you have the guts. Don't act like it's a big deal to talk to her either, when you ask her to do stuff ask in a way so it seems like "i don't care if you don't go". Start out as a friend but not a close friend just friendly enough to show her you aren't just going to walk all over her.

Moody girls- You need to be a master! you have to know when to be charming sweet and when to be a bad ass!Start off as a good friend so you can know what she needs and when.

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