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my life

Amir Sardar

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

June 12, 2010

after lunch

ina hot weather

father is takeing a nap

and his son want to go to school but he want some mony for buy something in breaktime.

he wants just 50$ whether his classmates have 100$ , 200$ and some have 500$.

he calls father byt father replay that he didnt hase any mony.and his 8-9 old son cry calm, his heart cry,

in this time his sister that inhabit nex house seeng this scene, her heart decide....

so she give his a balled 50& with tears in him eyes.


May 23, 2010

in this year he went 3th level of primery school,his teachers name in this level wa mrs hadi.

one day he didnt do his homework so his teacher hit his moth a skelp. her ring clash to his teeth.)-:

in this yea he had a classmate that was a police son.

for ur information: in his country boy and girls go to school separate.

in this year they went to them new house that his uncle built for them.

three room for them:one for gandma and aunt,one for his family and one as resthouse.

May 19, 2010

in his 7th year of his life:

he perferment to next grade.

his teacher was his first grade teacher( Mrs shirzaee)

thay inhabit same room yet(in his uncle house).

he went to baker most morning and someday in evening

their bread was ready. thay pay its cost in end of every month.

thay live in one room(thay were 9 person).

in this year his uncle start building a house for them in center of city.

his father was addict so ant do any help for family.

his uncle is his fathers brother.

his father was old n family.

he was shy student! one time his pencile broke in exame but he cant say to teacher!

therefor warden asked his parent.



bye until next note

have a great time with yourself