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my life

Amir Sardar

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


March 2, 2010


its long time that i didnt post any thing!!!!!!

and his 6th age of life:

in summer he went to his sister home in other village.

by beging of autumn he went to school .

he was in first class and his teacher name was Mrs shirzaii.

his school name was shaheed rajaee.

this years they inhabit in his uncle home.

his cousin was with he too.

he found new friends.

he was the best , he got the best range in class.



January 17, 2010

he go to primery school

Sheryl Abshire with primary students in Glasgow, Scotland

only for 1 month because of a problem....

this his family migrat to city.

and some families migrat to new place of village.

all event for that river was being wide and wide

and village lodgment in border of river.

تصوير اصلي را ببينيد



so he begin a new life with new peopl, new friends,new place

but there were a bige difference......... 

January 9, 2010

in 4th age:

he experienca an earthquake.

he loose 7person of his  village  in a bad accident.

he can remeber something from that.

and somebody were ulcerous there and they have that signs yet.

he has a photo from this year with his sister by a red long kerchief.