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my life

Amir Sardar

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

December 28, 2009

hi in 3th year of his life: he went to pakistan. his sister married with her cousin and they went to UAE.


he remember a good memory from that plane.

he set on the end seat then he cryed,

so he come back to his mother.

and he remembers there foods.

his uncles family live in pakistan that time.




Map of Pakistan


03:32 AM Dec 30 2009


3th age :)

Uniq blog :)

keep on it!

Hope to know its story in the next ages... :)

December 22, 2009

in 2th yea of his age:

his 6th sister was born.

he begin walking.

he can speak sweety.

he cryed and cryed

he was a thin baby




December 20, 2009

hi let write for you a mans life story: and let begine year by year: first year: in 23 may 1988 in a village near a seasonal river a boy was born.

he was 9th.

he had 3 brother and 5 sister.