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October 17, 2013

Say less than the last,Couldn't get to the final,But...But there are playing snow every year,Records that once a while,But with enough,Our love ,  No end  of  The fairy tale,Like can't hug’s love 。Are you remenber? the song , <you  are my sunshine> you are my sunshine ,my only sunshine ,you make me happy....you never know dear,how much i love you . you never know i  really "miss  u" now 。Aha~some say love it's The river,i say love  ,  that drowns the tender reed . some say love it's razor ,That leaves your soul to bleed ,some say love it's a hunger ,i say love it's a flower, i  want to know what you are doing now ,but ,nothing , i wish you happiness and if have a change ,enha~ How about drink a  coffee. en....now is free . I will go  , the end ,sometime i feeling i lost my 重要‘things ,you tell me ,Why Ok ,I know you never to say ,all right ,see you  !

                                                       ---------to my friend( kai )