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April 21, 2010

Too hard to go through your house. Maybe that's why I go to the store's subsequent path. And sometimes at the risk of heart going slowly joining wherever I can see you. And every time the spleen and heart rate gradually become rare.
Not sure anymore what to do, whom to resort to arms to lift me from this yearning Lake, where every time more and more drowning.
And I do not need the hand of strangers, their looks of pity in the eyes of thousands of obvious questions. I need you. Your presence near. I then, when our arms again Holding, to someone wrapped in chains. I wish that I embedded in every sense, doing the same idiotic mistakes, because I am neither the devil in them without instruction.
For me, 5 minutes would be enough to say that you gave me is still as important as when there were still my dream.

And every night before sleeping is my desire to be the same. The sooner you embrace. Hug.