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February 24, 2009

Requiem of a broken heart; my new own creation.

The time had pass and I only remember one thing about this darker night
is a requiem of a men who walks for different roads in his life
is a brutal deeply silent like the crying of a siren which lost her lover
and is a far and solitary place which is not easy to forget it.

The requiem have infinite notes organized in many places
in a magical composition which was wrote with blood and tears
I remember the first time when I heard
absorb the feelings of this men and the sensation be weird
always all the paragraphs be sad because he only remember a time
a happy and pure time when his muse be alive
but the destiny broke the illusion and the death had another plans for the couple
in a colder night of winter she felt sick and die quickly
and the time and the life for the musician stops
and his live change for all his eternity.

He walks around the world, searching and reading
a mystical song for resurrect his eternal lover the only one
reading arcane books and compilate of a lot of information
but it’s impossible to recover a freeze body who rest in peace.

The final solution which this men think
is sell his soul for recover the lady who captive the heart of the musician
his last will is give the requiem for his lover when she stay alive
he give me this requiem, a requiem of a forbidden dream
the dream for stay together in a big huge although one time more
He show me a tear because the sacrifice is colossal
later he took a dagger which he always carry on the pocket
and with a violent cut he say good bye slowly
he rest in a bloody red pool which cover a great part of the coliseum
and the devil’s accept the interchange but the suffering for the man be eternal
he accomplished his part and pass 30 seconds and the beautiful muse awake

She doesn’t believe when I told the love pact and the sacrifice of this courage man
which teach me one thing about love and that lesson I don’t forget never.

“For love the men blinds his eyes and committed stupid decisions
In some cases the brain is shut off for realize a crazy dream to be free”

Now I song that deeply and sadly melody when I travel
is about a pair of loves which wrote their lives
in a solemn and red pact of eternal love after death.

Thanks for your reading:
If you want to know more of my works add my msn is: link1224@hotmail.com.

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03:06 PM Apr 09 2009



I loved it!!.. so cute.. congratulation....

12:04 PM Mar 25 2009

Ulya aga

Ulya aga
Russian Federation

A very touching story and a graphic example of love which is pure and everlasting...

although your work isn't perfect, i liked it....