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April 17, 2012

Hi, peeps.

I dunno from where to start and  how to start. Long story short I am here to improve my English. I be so happy if you will be with me and corect my mistakes.

What else !

I am from Pakistan.

Don't  panic. I will not eat you.

I speak Urdu. It's my primary language.

I am on my way to find my self. I love life and  almost everything .

I reckon there is nothing good or bad in this world. Everything is for purpose and everything has its reason. So, Instead of racking my brain too much I go with flow and follow my heart.

Does that make any sense  to you ?

Nah.Yup, I know ! Actually it's 11:03 Pm here at a moment. I am feeling so sleepy.  Gotta go now.

See ya soon.

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10:56 PM Apr 24 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

good morning.....................

open your eyes for mother nature

and be happy

10:25 PM Apr 23 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

a n g e l................

how are your eyes ???  LaughingLaughing

I have prepared tea ( for you and me)

it s more easy when we have to talk a lot

about our countries

it s Chinese tea...........mmmmmmmmhhhhh

grean tea, form Hoangzhou

I love that tea a lot

will you join me ??

04:24 AM Apr 23 2012



Thank you for the friend request.

Glad to meet you and please stay happy and enjoy your day :)

(Your background music on your profile is beautiful..very relaxing,I like it a lot )

Butterflies  Thanks

02:18 AM Apr 23 2012


Syrian Arab Republic

Bunny Heart Scene

02:09 AM Apr 23 2012


Syrian Arab Republic

Dear Angel

weclome to English baby

follow your heart or your head ?

I prefer to follow my heart oo but somtimes i wish if i hadn't as conflict between head and heart makes me lost it is more wisely to follow both but this wont be easy so follow your heat if you dont make your decision .

11:26 PM Apr 22 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, thanks for your unexpected answer

but...............to be honest  100 times would be enough

With a great smile to you, it comes from my heart

and should bring some sun to you  LaughingWink

10:40 PM Apr 22 2012

Saenger D

Saenger D

good morning from germany

would you like to join a German breakfast ??

I welcome you , it s nice

and sooo different to Pakistan, be sure  Laughing

try it, I m sure, you will love it

08:38 PM Apr 21 2012



Hello dear Angel eyes, welcome to ebaby,your English is very good, I can tell by your writing :) , thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, have a great time!!! :)

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