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angel_ eyes


May 13, 2012

I turned back thousands of times,

I turned my ear to all those millions of tracks

To hear that one voice, that one call,

But with great loyalty you paid homage

to that distressing betrayal of mine.

The turn from where you moved on;

I forever stood there;

With many shackles of regrets,

with many chains of remorse...

You wanted me to cry out your name;

and I waited for you to turn back;

The same words are still peeping through;

But the power of speech has lost the track...

I turned back thousands of times...

wish something like this would happen someday -

my condition would be yours …

The night i spent dying,

That night you would have beard

You wanted me to call you, and I wanted you to call me

The name is still is on the lips, but the voice has given way..

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06:15 AM Jan 27 2013