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friend forever

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United States

July 7, 2008

If I ??

I go back to the moment I kissed

Do you goodbye no matter how hard I tried

I can't live without you in my life

Maybe you say you still want me

Maybe you say that you don't

Maybe we say it was over

Baby I can't let you go

I walk around couldn't understand

Where we were wrong and I can't pretend

It wasn't me it wasn't you

But I'm convinced we gave up too soon

Nothing that you lose was up to losing you

There's nothing I can take

When I run to you, when I come for you

You tell me I'm too late

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07:21 AM Jul 24 2008


A song seems named  "IT IS TOO LATE TO APPLOGIZE''

Maybe,it is hard for us to back to the past.

07:38 AM Jul 21 2008


mybe like all of us,they like the feeling of fresh,fresh culture ,fresh appearence,and the chating way.