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friend forever

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United States

July 21, 2008

why the most of arabic girls love speak with euro boys and americain but dont love speak with boys from a same place :arabic boys
if someone have this anser please tell me :::::

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07:19 AM Jul 24 2008


That is easy to understand,we come to here  just wanna know sb  from other country.

Strange world is always more attractive.right?

10:37 AM Jul 21 2008

bad luck

hi man i am arabic muslim girl

thank u for your opinion but arabic girl like speek with urop because she wont her english language be strong to help her country to be very good and i am jordanian

thanks alot,

bushra omary

08:25 AM Jul 21 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


first of all , please correct me if i make mistake on this ( i think its better we use - needs - instead need in your sentence ) am i right?

but about your question :

  1. i think all of them arent like that.
  2. we have to know they are here for improving their english not their Arabic.
  3. every one like to have some one from around the world for talk & .... .
  4. To realize the others & their culture.
  5. as you know for learning any language its better you learn its culture too .
  6. so it seems they prefer nonArabs for comunication.
  7. of course may be there are many elements plus these too which i don know.

excuse me