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friend forever

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United States

July 24, 2008

1/there are people say that nothing can stop the love because no one can controle his/her emotion and i am with this people  
2/but there are people say that there are things make love very difficult qnd so hard and maybe this things make you lost your boy/girlfriend and also i am with this people
i need to know who with first people but you must explain? why to make things clear
and who with second people ?and also must explain 
and i will give my explain to the people that they give they explain ok
good day for everybody

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07:17 AM Jul 24 2008


I do not know why u wanna to know other's explain.

 I think the reason for us to fall in love with somebody,first or second and so on,just because of love or curious.

but all of us need to treasure the chance of love.

05:53 AM Jul 24 2008


I believe the love is the important thing in the world,and I will try my best to love my BF(just having no )