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December 10, 2008

Mother answered the call after...
To see things become more and more blurred.
Eyes like a broken tap the same .
The tears continue to flow down .
one Drop, two drops, three drops......
Until the run out of paper handkerchiefs have not stopped.

i want Looking for individuals to share
but,I can't find.
Many people have said, I am a beautiful、nice、smart girl.
Many people have said ,they love me.
Many people have said ,they will give me happiness.

However, they don't know me.
when I most sad,
they can't  wiped tears for me.

I am very happy to share things.
Few share the sad thing
I would like to bring my friend smile more.

A lot of people say my approach is wrong
But ,Sometimes
I really can't tell.
Maybe this is my character
often buried in the bottom of my hear
if i sad

with I might be able to talk to the person has not yet appeared

when that person don't appear  before
I will take a good care of myself.

when my friends worried for me. 
I will say that
“Do not worry
Everything will be better and better!”

it is also said to myself.

October 1, 2008




Ha ha, this is me and my good friend in the bedroom,
We have to work together to produce a lovely doll ,to we each favorite boy,at that time.


10:08 AM Oct 04 2008



Hi,I really like what you did. It is nice to see such a beautiful work.

11:56 PM Oct 01 2008



Hi ,beauty girl I just registered , so you are my first friend here , I'm in Wuhan , Where are you ?


You are work now , I senior now , so I will find a job this semester ,  Smile

September 22, 2008

What's wrong with me?
Suddenly, that brain blank,
i can't ponder,
I was at an utter loss what to do.
Has a strong sense of failure.
Who can help me?
But,i know
A man
She can certainly  take me bring out the plight
that is   me.
you a slow walker, but you never walk backwards
So .Please do not give up!!!