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December 10, 2008

Mother answered the call after...
To see things become more and more blurred.
Eyes like a broken tap the same .
The tears continue to flow down .
one Drop, two drops, three drops......
Until the run out of paper handkerchiefs have not stopped.

i want Looking for individuals to share
but,I can't find.
Many people have said, I am a beautiful、nice、smart girl.
Many people have said ,they love me.
Many people have said ,they will give me happiness.

However, they don't know me.
when I most sad,
they can't  wiped tears for me.

I am very happy to share things.
Few share the sad thing
I would like to bring my friend smile more.

A lot of people say my approach is wrong
But ,Sometimes
I really can't tell.
Maybe this is my character
often buried in the bottom of my hear
if i sad

with I might be able to talk to the person has not yet appeared

when that person don't appear  before
I will take a good care of myself.

when my friends worried for me. 
I will say that
“Do not worry
Everything will be better and better!”

it is also said to myself.

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