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October 27, 2007

Sometimes is easier not to fight, is better to think that you don't have strength to continue fighting for what you want. Sometimes your life is perfect, everyday you thank God for how your life is and... suddenly, one day, everything changes. You feel very confused, lost, terribly lost, like nobody cares about you. But... a few days later... you understand your life is not so bad and there are people in it who love you and don't want you to be sad. That's the moment when you realise life is a present given to you and your duty in it is to enjoy it.


Life is not complicated, we are who make it difficult, with our wishes, our hopes... We would be happier if we didn't hope but... Is it worth not to hope, not to wish anything? Is it worth to have an easier life and if it is so simple?


All my problems are caused by my wishes but... I don't know if I were happier whether I had an easier life. What do you think?

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01:30 PM Feb 17 2008

basketball player


  you ideas are perfect and very nice you remember me of my girlfriend she was saying the same thing about life and people who loves us..good


03:35 AM Jan 29 2008


 Your life will be happy when you keep it simple.. do not complecate yourself.. have a few simple desires, be happy with small things, be natural about your feelings. Do not isolate someone because of their age, or race, or any external adjetives. Be genuine, sincere, and do something good everyday, so you will feel worthy and good about yourself... that is the happiness right there!!