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March 13, 2012

I had already said to myself before that having drunk once was enough or didn’t have happened anymore, hehe, but I didn’t keep my promise.

It is very woefully man who broke his word sometimes, like bankrupt soul, no root or no base.

As people said that I really want to forget all of unhappy or dispirited things after being drunk, in fact it would make me clear and clarity. When I hided in bar toilets alone and abreacted hysterically oppressions which stayed in mind for a long time, said to myself, nothing can beat me, yeah,      

I believed that it could make people happy to live simply, but sometimes I wondered how to live simply? After all, I was not in naivete years, or I have gone through some world, it can’t to want live simply.  

I found that I didn’t write the diary for a long time, I don’t know the reason is busy or just want to find an excuse, always want to escape live or something else…

To believe that tomorrow is still wonderful as the same as before. Go! Go! Come on!

06:26 AM Mar 22 2012


Hello friend,

Thank you for the friend request. Glad to meet you.:)

Have a nice day.


February 29, 2012

         Thank you for forgetting about me, and I will never forget you, I just can put our past deeply in my mind, let it become a beautiful scenery. Forgive my for I don’t have peerless face shape or tall & forceful physique, pardon me for my love is no enough to you, just a little, but after I met you, I have exhausted all, there is no love again or couldn’t love either. Forgive me for no enough to care to you or no enough to be kindly to you, but I had already been wholeheartedly. Pardon me for my waywardness or unruliness, my un-perfection didn’t belong to you anymore.

         I love you, so I don’t want to see you to bear strongly inner flounder. I love you, so I’m not willing to see your loath smile. Thanks for you have even given me happiness…

07:11 AM Mar 01 2012


Russian Federation


smells misconstrued love

05:59 AM Mar 01 2012



buy her flowers , dont let her go.....in one time love  in life.

February 28, 2012

        Something unavailable is always best, the loss is the most worth of cherishing, and miss is the most regrettable, but why it is so strange after the losing thing come back. It is so missing to do not contact, or it is so strange after affiliation, why? It does not have passion or love loses self-colored slowly. Is it really over that the way ought to go?   

         If love just has some not to be resigned to only, it wouldn’t be called love any more. Is it true? I don’t know whether I really have some willing or not, but it is true that I have no other way to look at the gradual cool down flame and it would be dead in drops, why? Is this teen or helpless of love, maybe helpless just is unwilling, right? But I’m not clear why I’m unwilling too much for what?

          I am slowly losing the direction of love, little by little lost my love…Only heard my own heartbeat and spread life in silence & unhappiness. It just imaged, unfortunately, even humble desire which was luxurious. I don’t know the end, or no the end at all, comfortable life is just a kind of wild wishes to me. I just hope that it is a no robbery road, it can let me restfully go across or let tired body and mind have some time to gasp and rest. Though words are so hell and gone firmly, I suspected that it was only blusterous to encourage yourself. My inmost hurt which can’t be healing easily through simple quillets, can you understand that a piece of dark lingering clouds, to find their own place which is an own tears corner or nobody known place. It just blame my heart too self-partial or can’t control alone to cry.

         Don’t mention anything about love, I dare not touch or run into the case which didn’t belong to me. Everything seems to be nothing to do with me. This year is my animal year which I just wanted to spend on with unromantic way. I can’t endure any more…