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February 21, 2012

         Do you notice? For feeling of love, we always feel very sweet at the beginning, and always feel we should get one more person to stay or partake with us, you are finally no longer lonely, at least you have one person love or think of you, come what may, it is okay if only we are together, but you begin to find out each other’s shortcomings with the mutual understanding deeply, so the matter was happened one by one, you began to feel trouble tired and even wanted to shirk.        
         Some people said love is like picking up a stone, always want to pick up a suitable one, but how do you know when to pick it up? She is right for you, may you fit to her? In fact, love is like terrazzo, perhaps you just pick up at the beginning, you have a little bit dissatisfaction, but you know people are flexible, some things can be changed, as long as you have belief and courage, kindly polished the stone you have already owned, it is better than everywhere you pick up an unknown stone.

           Many people thought that people would become lazy because of the reins become to thin. That is not correct. In fact people were conquered by inertia first, so the feeling will thin. In an occasion dine together a middle aged man suddenly said when my wife was still a girlfriend ten years ago she said she wanted to eat ten shrimps, I would help her to peel twenty shrimps, if she want me to help her to peel shrimp shells now, joking! It is no interest to even help her to undress, it is so stupid idea or impossible to shell shrimp now. Heard that, got it?     
       So more and more people just wanted to last in amativeness for a lifetime, were not willing to move into marriage heaven, because marriage is easy to let people become lazy. If everyone is too lazy to talk, too lazy to hearken, too lazy to make surprises or too lazy to make blandness and show consideration for lover, how aren’t they getting further away and becoming silent in spouse or sweetie. A dynamic love needs some moderately complaisance to irrigate, love can not skulk.   

            For example, there were a couple of lovers who had a date after work for dinner or shopping, but the girl was already late more than 30 minutes for company meeting, when he arrived in the rain, her boyfriend was angry and said you are always such this way, I don’t have any moods, so I will be waiting for you no longer. At that time the girl finally tear out as band was suddenly collapsed, perhaps they will have no future any more, she thought.      

           Like in the same place, another couple is also facing as the same situation, girl arrived late for half an hour, but his boyfriend said I think you must be busy bad. He took off his coat and covered on his girlfriend. At the moment, the girl in tears, but the tears which were on her face were so warm, do you understand?


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View all entries from “曾经沧海难为水” >