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Asian man


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April 1, 2010

A musician who played pop music in a club lived in a boardinghouse in the centre of London, he always used to get back very late at night and sometimes in the early hours of the morning .He was so tired that he would sit on the edge of his bed ,take off his shoes , throw them on the floor and say "Thank goodness, another day is over. He would then get into bed and fall fast asleep.
 The poor lodger who had the room under the musician's was woken up each night ,or early in the moring ,by the two thuds that the shoes made as they landed on his ceiling.The lodger could not stand it any more ,went and complained to the musician.
  Naturally the musician was very upset and promised that, in future,after taking off his shoes ,he would put them down as quietly as possible on the carpet.
  The next day, the musician got back from his club at about one o'clock in the morning ,went up to his bedroom,sat on the edge of his bed,took off one shoes and throwed it on the floor ,he was just about to do the same with the other when he remembered his promised he had made the day before.So with great care ,he put the other shoe silently down on the carpet ,then got into bed and fell fast asleep. An hour later,he was woken up by a violent knockning on his door .It was the lodger who had the room under his.
 "Please ,please" the lodger pleaded" Drop the other shoe, I have been waiting for an whole hour for you to drop it ,as soon as you do I can go to sleep.