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March 11, 2011

Long long time ago,I create a account on this website.Because of some special,strange and unbelievable reason,I did't come to here for long time.


 After some days,I will go to find my first job.~~~So nervous.

I learn  Computer Programming in college.So I may find something like that or related to it.I like digital things a lot and I eager to do such things,too.

 Why I can not insert some Emotion pictures.~~~ So strange.Is there some bugs with Chrome?


07:53 AM Mar 11 2011


hello! I come across this artical. haha~~~~ 

April 9, 2009

  My God,I'm so busy these days.From monday to wednesday,my lessons were so full.Today,I did a physics experiment.To my surprise,it was so terrible(In fact,it's not so strange).In the afternoon,I had a PE class.Yeah,it's a good time.We played basketball,but it's not my favourite.I like to play football.But I can't choose.I don't Know HOW THEY THINK IT.My God,

  I have just finished a summary about some things that I really can't understand and I save a little time to write this blog.This is the best time this week.Teah,I'm serious.

Oh,I have a report not be finsihed yet.I must go to finish it.Oh,MY GOD.????????????????

April 6, 2009

  Wow,some months ago,I have just passed the College English Test.I don't know how I passed it.I have thought that I failed the exam.But the result is good enough.Cool

  My English is not very well.I hope we can improve our English together.I am 20.I think there are many people of this period.I wish everyboby do not waste time.Save more time to study and you will achieve something you havn't imagine.


01:46 AM Apr 07 2009




First of all, congratulations! You should be really proud of yourself.

When I was your age (so that was merely 3 years ago) I had the same kind of thinking. I spent my time studying and working, and I didn't allow myself to go out or party unless there was really a reason to. I like it that you are very focused on your goals.