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Ayhan's Notebook




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April 4, 2010

please just let me

dont look at me anymore

give me time to grow

walk out the open door

im not perfect but

neither are you

leave me alone

im just blue


January 16, 2010

 here we go Istanbul:)

These days, opening events and celebrations for the new european capital of culture of 2010 take place all over the Istanbul.concerts in Taksim,shows in Golden Horn and so..it is fun..Istanbul deserves that homing various civilizations,cultures over the history..

 Istanbul is such a cosmopolitan city and people from various    cultures,regions,backgrounds live here together...

i think 2010 will be a lucky day for all..lets see what's going to happen next..

have a good day

bye for now 


December 13, 2009


They go blind together...move together,cry together...

They see everything,they sleep together..

Despite all of those,they can never see each other..

some friendships are like that.. 

have a good day..

happy new year for all:) 


12:20 PM Dec 13 2009


United States

Oh I liked this so much. Its really good.SmileI never quite think of things like this but so true.

08:59 AM Dec 13 2009



thanks buddies:)

throughout our lives,some of us have friends like that..

and sometimes we have a lot common,we believe same things,we breathe the same atmosphere, we cry or cheer for the same things but even don't know we are the friends..

maybe they are among you..

take care friends;) 

06:38 AM Dec 13 2009

viona helena

Beautiful! So nice.. How are you doing? Nice to meet you anyway. Thanks for your comment on mine. Hoscakal n_n

05:41 AM Dec 13 2009




05:08 AM Dec 13 2009

isef mert

isef mert

ı like that blog..thanks for sharing..

04:52 AM Dec 13 2009


ohhh my god folks!!   

 what a beautiful thoughts .......  thanks for sharing us this powerful words

blessing bright!!