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November 16, 2010

Our life is a book, and everyday is a page that you write, with every year being a chapter, after a while in your life, you begin to turn back and read the old pages that you have written, you are smile, you are laugh, sad, and even maybe you are crying. What have you written is a memory. Some are good, some are bad, you wish to be able to rewrite it, but you can't. There is one moment in people's life where they think deeply what is life's meaning, what is their purpose, what is their dream....... for some people, they think very hard but in the end they can't find and they give up searching but, for some people ignore their thoughts, and do not question the philosophy. Everyone is unique, nobody the same; how and whether-or-not people can discover what their dream is, are different. I really hope you my friend are understanding my blog - I hope you can give thanks for yourself that at least you are still walk and smile to your friends one more day in your life. One page in your life might change someone's else entire book, there is a good side in everybody........

Criminals, atheists, homosexuals, rapists, robbers, why society must a put a finger pointing at them as people of failure? Althought some are not making the right decision, they have hearts, ビッグハート, they have the same written books as us all, they might live a life harder than yourself and myself.... There is nothing as failure in life, please think now, instead how hard your life is, instead how lonely you are, instead how difficult for you to going through life, instead everything this fallen world has done to you.

Please we not write blogs to keep peoples attention on ourselves, but instead writing our blogs to share our minds, hearts, our opinions, and especially very much our joy. Without suffering there is no compassion in life, this life might not as smooth as you want it to be, you might want to be someone else...... but we are never alone in this world. I did not want to write a poem, or a sermon, I  just want to share how great our life is, what we can make it, let gives a little meaning to our life's, just a little meaning might change the ending of our book, when we all pass away, and we finish writing our books, when we have the purpose and the dreams, we might not regret what we have written, no matter have we achieved our dreams and our purposes or not. we have tried our best, and our books are not just a full of craps and nonsense without meanings.

A time is flowing faster than I want it to, I also wanted to share my feeling, my love, my heart; I can't run alone in my life without family, friends, and all people that I love so much dearly. I want to live a life that can make a joy in people's life.

09:48 PM Nov 17 2010



  I agree with u , definately

01:27 PM Nov 16 2010


United States

I really enjoyed reading this blog. It was wonderful, thanks so much for posting.

10:32 AM Nov 16 2010



Pretty nice approaches that one should give thought to!

09:34 AM Nov 16 2010


wow such nice words and all is true about it ... people should read your blog and they will learn about it ^__^

08:44 AM Nov 16 2010


Viet Nam

Nice :). I hope that you can share many your life pages for people. they make me like to read to english more and more.

06:47 AM Nov 16 2010


Saudi Arabia

 Words very, very impressive


06:16 AM Nov 16 2010

Viet Nam

 "Without suffering there is no compassion in life, this life might not as smooth as you want it to be, you might want to be someone else...... but we are never alone in this world......."

Words in your entry is very nice. :) Thanks for sharing a part of your book in EnglishBaby. Hope that your book has many interesting things.