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December 21, 2008

once there was a boy who did not know, what is love. he even could not understand what it's like:to love somebody. he asked his parents and friends to teach him to love. at first they laughed at him. they said everybody had love in his soul, one was born with it. But he said he wasn't sure it was true love that he felt.  And he never stopped asking. Then they were angry and said he was evil. A monster, that could not love. So he stopped asking and started pretending. He wanted to pretend that good he could forget himself he was pretending. He told people he loved them and they believed. The boy grew up and was sick of pretending. So he thought he had always tried to love the wrong ones. He started to look for someone he could love. He tried men and women, children and animals, he tried to love God, he even tried to love his own reflection in the mirror. But still he was sure it wasn't the true love. He read hundreds of books, watched hundreds of movies and talked to hundreds of people. Everyone, who tried to explain him what love is, said something different. People talked about sex, and thankfulness, and profit, and responsibility, and sympathy, and many other things. He experienced everything, but understood, that these were only facades of love. And he wanted the eternal, never-ending, true love. The boy got older and older and one day he understood he would die soon. He did not want to die without having had his true love. So he went to an old man on a mountain, the one everyone knew was wise and good. He told him his story and asked what was wrong with him. Was he evil? Emotionally cold? Too stupid or naive? And the old man said: "Most of us are happy with little things that we have. But there always are people who crave for something bigger. No one has ever had the true love. And most of us don't even want it. You spent your whole life looking for a chimera, for something too big for a human. But don't regret it: isn't it better to look for a wonder than to persuade yourself wonders don't exist?"

01:24 PM Dec 21 2008


Syrian Arab Republic


 noone can define love,if u do u will lose its beauty

12:45 PM Dec 21 2008




December 14, 2008

prelude: everyone knows: christmas is about presents. not that you want to make them, you must. you don't really have the time to look for something nice. but it's not that important, you know that most of the things will land on an internet auction the next day. you do it this way and everyone else does. the most important thing is the price (really, you don't want to be the one with the cheapest presents, don't you?). so you pay more you can afford for your auntie to envy you. why the hell not? it's christmas, after all. Then,  you start cooking things you don't like. You're sure no one actually likes them, but the family tradition...You yell at everyone who happens to be somewhere near: you are damn tired and no one is helping you, you forgot to buy diet coke for auntie and no one reminded you, cos no one cares, just you and so on (sounds familiar, huh?). then you dress up like an idiot, cos you have to impress...

The main part: so you're sitting at the table with your family, that is no longer a family, your friends, that are no longer friends and watch the same damn movie as every year. You think twice before having another wine: you don't want them to think you're a drinker. you don't know what you should talk about. you'd like to be somewhere else. but, it's christmas, you had to invite all this jerks and you have to entertain them. well, it's once a year, after all.

epilogue: next morning: your head is aching, the house is a mess and now you have to get rid of all the damn presents.

Merry christmas!

01:18 AM Dec 17 2008


Russian Federation

LOL!  You are absolutely right!

Merry Christmas!Laughing

06:14 AM Dec 15 2008



u're god damn right,,,,,,)))

December 12, 2008

I’m proud of being

Almost clean

For almost two days

I’m drinking the third

Cup of coffee

In twenty-eight minutes

And waiting

For you

to call

And I don’t miss you

…At all

I really don’t miss you

Don’t you think that I miss you

…At all

But I think it would be

Almost complete

If you were here with me

Or I were there with you

Wherever it is

And I know you seized

To believe


Or in me

Or in anything else

And I know it is

The right thing to do…

At least for you

And I cannot rewind



So I’m waiting for you

To call


Cos it was almost love

You know

For you…to call

And I’m almost sure

You won’t

03:10 AM Dec 13 2008




01:19 AM Dec 13 2008



is it urs?