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October 11, 2008

there's always someone to blame

and things you cannot delay

and words you want to erase

and someone to win the race

but it doesn't matter because

there's always a line to cross

to write, to sniff, to draw

and somewhere there's always a war

and someone is always wrong

even if everyone's right

you know what i'm talking about?

there's always someone to mate

there's always someone to hate

to mangle and to adore

and someone to kill for

yourself or someone else

that's the decision, i guess


but now when you're on your back

but now when you're on your knees

there's no one there to break

there's no one there to please

there's no one there to hold

and no one there to hit

and you feel so fucking cold

a weird feeling, indeed 

July 21, 2008

we love so much to talk about charity,helping people,donating money...we fork out an inconsiderable sum for some animal-rights guys and feel soooo generous.we turn away from an old neighbor,who's too weak to buy his daily meal...well,he should have his own kids to take care of him!we frown disapprovingly at some foreigner in shabby clothes who cannot get a job because of the language barrier...well,he should go home,where he belongs!we stand up if a homeless guy takes a sit next to us in a tram...he should find himself a job!don't we notice that there's so much misery right next door to us?but we do need an alibi, an excuse for our three mobiles and designer clothes...so it's much easier to let some activists get 80€ a year from your account.conscience is a stupid opponent,easy to fool.

02:15 AM Jul 23 2008

apo azoz

apo azoz

 I fully agree with your artical

July 3, 2008

Why don't we all just learn to listen...?We all want people to talk to us..be honest to us, trust us, bare their souls...But isn't it just an egoistic desire to feel indispensable?To manipulate?A pursuit of power?Do we actually listen to the people talking to us?Do we HEAR them?Or do we just hear what we want to?

I hate people who try to break me and say they want to help.People who want me to be the way they want me to be and call it sympathy.People who never listen.People who want answers.People who know what's better for me.

But what makes me think I'm different? 

04:04 PM Jul 05 2008


United States

wow thats so ture

alot of people like to talk and talk and talk but when some else is talking they done't like to listen and they just can't wait for him or her to be done

but when they talk they want every one to listen to them

alot of people are like that I guess we just have to learn to talk less and listen more

thanks that was nice

please writ moreSmile