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July 1, 2008

there were times when i so desperately wanted to stop being myself...the healthiest thing i could have done was to stop wanting. i stopped being. and things got sadder. if you quit being yourself u don't actually end up being someone else. u end up being no one at all. and that's the trick in it. and there comes the day when your past just catches u up. it always comes. and u've given up so much of yourself that u fall apart. weird, isn't it?

09:33 PM Jul 01 2008



Actually that is a cycle. I can feel it.

Sometimes I feel everything goes to the opposite direction of mine.And I was far away from the real world. I think a lot of questions begin with "Why...".

Then,days later it was gone.By no sense....wired.

07:21 PM Jul 01 2008


United States

thanks my friend for translate;)

03:49 PM Jul 01 2008


I understand sometimes a person appear to be a fragile person drowned in a depressive situation, but while you are closing you in this "box" the world is moving with or without you. It´s up to you if you decide to follow the same path or encourage yourself to change the things that don´t let you go out of sadness.


02:55 PM Jul 01 2008


United States

wow I never thought of that

it's hard really to change something you are use to do

but never thought that we were going to end up like that

thanks for writing to us things like this

and sharing it with us please if you have more things like that

I would like to readSmile