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February 1, 2010

Been away for too long. I didn't do much but relax in my cozy suite. Read a couple books, watched some movies and chatted at FB with old friends.

I didn't think much either; life's easier when you think less. Well, to me it works. However, there're things which never change. I clean the house right after my breakfast. I listen to BBC while I work. I write something on my blog. I read before the bedtime. Old habits die hard. I haven't changed since I realised what kind of person I have been and I think I will be me till the day comes.

Done enough saying for the day. Till next time. Ta-ta!

July 18, 2006

When I was young, life was easy. Now I am older, life is bumpy.

Tired of dealing with people around me, so, I escape. And thank God there's a place where I can catch my breath and rest for a while.

 Above all, a bunch of far away nice people who I can share my thoughts with also rests here. How nice!

 Had a nightmare! Chased by a super-sized RAT, it looks like someone I know in my shcool. Drat!