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March 16, 2008

Someone turned to me and asked
"How many friends have you?"
Why 10 or 20 friends I believe
And began to named a few...

  A blessed one you are
To have so many friends
But think of what you're saying...

A friend is just not someone
To whom you say "Hello"
 A friend is a tender shoulder
On which to softly cry
A well to pour your troubles down
And raise your spirits high
A friend is a hand to pull you up
From darkness and despair...

When all your other "so called" friends
Have helped to put you there
A true friend is an ally
Who can't be moved or bought
A voice to keep your name alive
When others have forgot.

10:20 PM Mar 08 2010

waiting you?

Amazing!!..It's great to hear the real meaning of friendship specially frm you.

allah hafiz..

08:07 PM Apr 22 2008

United States

i think it is very true i like your words. great job



if you want you can email me at deannabayer@yahoo.com and we can talk some more

05:53 AM Apr 12 2008


Your definition for FRIEND is really mind-blowin.

           All the best.Move on.