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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

July 28, 2009

What factors has your ideal friend?What are your expectations from a friend?For example:-          You like to have a beautiful and attractive friend-          You prefer to find a friend from special country-          You choose your friend base on his/her religion-          You prefer someone as a friend that he/she has many other friends or he/she has less friend-          You select someone as a friend that he/she comments on your profile or your blog-          You like to have an active friend who write for you more.-          Or you like to have an active friend who write blogs and comments for all-           You want to find someone who was advanced in English-          You like someone who puts many photos on his/her profile-          You prefer male or female person as a friend-          You accept someone as a friend who have sent invitation for you-          You choose your friend base on his/her age-          You choose someone as a friend that you saw his/her ideas in English forums-          You like to have friend who studies or works in your favorite field-          And many thing elseWhat is your idea?I think that your factors depend on your REAL reason for entering this site. Of course many people are here, first, to improve their English and second, find friends from different country.But if it is their only REAL reason, why do not they choose people in order form the beginning to end.What is your idea? My idea is that you like to communicate with someone who has many similarities with you or it is better to say, you and your friend have the same REAL reason for friendship.Also your emotions and sixth sense will help and will affect you, too. Any way, Have a nice friend and Be a nice friend! 

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View all entries from My Lovely Thoghts >

05:57 AM Dec 17 2009


Simply answer for this questions….

What factors has your ideal friend?What are your expectations from a friend?


My Ideal friend is the one who has same feeling….thinking….n Faith to Allah.

Indeed we don’t have to has all similar things….maybe sometimes we also will have different opinions, BUT we’re still in same principle n same purpose…to reach Allah’s sake….

This is enough for me…..


What I expet from a friend is how he/she can accept me just how I’m…

With all my strengthen n weaknes….. n I also expect can accept him/her just how he/she it…..with all his/her strengthen n wekness too….

Coz nobody is perfect….So, I hope I n my friend  can be complement….to effort together through this life be better n better in the eyes of Allah…..Help each other in anygood things just because of Him…

Hmmm….This is ideal relationship that I wish…. :)

11:55 AM Jul 28 2009

ata 100

ata 100

Your post means that you has thoughts what is very good.About friends in this webside well, I think that true friend is like treasure,like gift and I am not sure whether it is easy to find he or she here but sometimes it happens.I wish you that.Good luck.