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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

August 5, 2009

in the morning, I woke up and and washed my face and try to find my glasses. I was in hurry and I could not find it. after a long search, finally I found my glasses next to the wall in the yard!. I run toward my PC then turned on my computer immediately! I connected through internet and opened "WWW.englishbaby.com". then I chosen option "log in" and entered my passwords. when my passwords were accepted, I opened my Ebaby. I was too excited, I hoped to see new messages or comments from my friends. but I did not. I was disappointed. my emotions stoped like a fire after pouring water on it. I closed the web and turned off my computer. and I went slowly to eat breakfast. after breakfast, I started to my own job. (I am in vacation now therefore my daily works are learning english, reading books and learning softwares and sometimes going out and writing my memories. I try to improve my abilities for new educational year). when I did my jobs, I thought about my friends in Ebaby. I tried to guess why they did not write for me. I was worry maybe I had written for them something wrong or maybe they decided to finish our friendship or maybe they were in a trip or maybe they were sick or.... (thousonds of different predictions) in the noon I again repeated the proccess of checking my Ebaby. but the result was like the morning. I was bored. I decided to write a Blog in order to find new friends and new comments and inform my friend that I am here. after launch I went out with my friends to walk in a park. after noon when I came back I move toward my PC straight and immediately, repeated the checking proccess. but I had no message, I could not see even one line messages or comments.Oh my God! what was happened? where is my friends? I was really depressed. I decided to do something therefore practice my english. nowadays I spend more time for learning english to write my messages easily for my friends. when I practiced English, I reviewed my sentences for writing messages for my friends in my mind. at night after eating dinner, I repeated the process for Ebaby again. BUT I could not find anything. oh, my God! I could not wait for a message. what should I do? it was very boring day. it was my first day WITHOUT any messages from my friend. I went to sleep and I decided to check my Ebaby in the morning just after waking up. I slept and in the sleep I had some dreams about recieving many new massages from my friends. I was still hopeful for new messages at tomorrow. I do not know maybe I become addicted to my friends in Ebaby. oh, NO, NO, NO, I want only one message please give me only one line , please, please. oh oh , what a terrible nightmare was, oh oh oh

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View all entries from My Lovely Thoghts >

06:01 PM Aug 05 2009


OMG..do you really want it so bad?? I never thought there is someone like you out there...maybe you should be more active...I never mind about it, I use this web-site just to improve my English by blogging, add some comments on forums that have a good topics..and comments for nice blogs...like yours... 

02:12 PM Aug 05 2009



dear friend,  ı had some problem in my ebaby so ı sent my message to your e-mail adresse that you previously had given me...and also explained about why my reply was late.. ı am sorry for the situation.. ı can guess how dissappointed you are..  but ı didnt do it deliberately.. sorrrryyy..