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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

August 11, 2009

When you miss someone, because he/she died, absolutely after sometimes it will become easier for you to accept the world without him/her. Maybe after some years you will forget all of your memories that you had with him/her. Or maybe you will forget his/her face. It depends on your love and his/her love! If you love someone you will not forget any details of him/her, you enjoy when you remember memories of him/her, you can not stop your tears when you remember his/her face in your enjoyable experiences. When you think about him/her you still can not believe that he/she has gone for ever and now you are alone. Oh, I make mistake, not for ever, you will die one day – soon or late- and maybe you can see him/her again. You should wait until that day, You are forced to live with his/her memories until that time. Yes, he/she wait for you. He/she is beside you but you can not see him/her, he/she supports you but you can not notice, he/she prays for you but you can not hear, he/she becomes sad or happy when you are sad or happy but you can not feel , …. In my idea, he/she is alive but you are dead because he/she can see/hear/feel… his/her love but you can not. Yes we are dead but Do not worry he/she is alive and will support us.

of course your Heart can help you find him/her. you should only try...

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View all entries from My Lovely Thoghts >

05:52 AM Dec 17 2009


Impressive writing! :)

Dead or alive???

We’re alive! BUT in different life!

Well! It needs a few times to know someone….BUT it needs a long time to forget someone. Moreover when the one is dear for us n we used to deal with him/her.

It give mix feeling when we remember our memories with the one…happiness n pain in same time! Then…sometimes make us would like to turn the time n live again in past moments we like….BUT that we can do is just turn our watch AND the essence of time keep going on…n never turn  back!

We just have to look today n hope to get tomorrow….

Coz tomorrow will never die, Yes tomorrow will be brighter than today!

What make tomorrow be brighter???!

Experiences in the past that we relive it again…n take lesson from it to face today n tomorrow getting better n better…..


As  a muslim, we’re believe that this world is just a while…..our real life is next…in life hereafter…as the eternal life….

So hopefully….although indeed, it’s certainty that we will be left by someone we love or we will leave before him/her…BUT pure love just because of Allah…inshaAllah will meet us with the one in His the best place….ameen……

It’s a matter of time…n the most important thing is how we’re together to make the best preparation to live in that eternal life……

09:47 AM Sep 19 2009



Really interesting , friend, yes it is really impossible to forget someone who was too dear for you, I have to many examples for this. ..

By the way, iyd ramadan is coming soon, my congratulations!!