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My Lovely Thoghts

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

December 20, 2009

All The Ways

I love you.

I love you the simple way

you take my hand

on a walk

or when we watch tv.

I love the way you

can make me laugh,

even through my own tears

in the middle of a sad movie.

I love your undying loyalty

that stays by my side

through the good, the bad

and uglies....

Life is a lot of tougher than

it's portrayed in the movies.

I love all the ways you love me.

Every day you show me;

a little more of my soul

is at peace

and I feel less alone

in this world.

(Carolyn Brunelle)

we can not live without people who love us!

although I am not very sociable person, and I do not have many friends like others, but I enjoy my life because I love my few friends !

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View all entries from My Lovely Thoghts >