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My Lovely Thoghts

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

December 21, 2009

A true friend
A true friend is the one who picks you up when you fall
A true friend is one that won't lie
A true friend is there when you call
A true friend is there when you want to die
A true friend knows just what to say
A true friend won't care what other people think
A true friend will help you find your way
A true friend will make sure you don't sink
A true friend will help you choose your path
A true friend will know when something is wrong
A true friend has to sometimes face your wrath
A true friend makes you feel like you belong
A true friend

(Ashley Reese) 

you know I miss someone that I think s/he is my true friend. of course it is possible for someone to hate someone else or change its idea about his/her.

but problem is that I do not know why my friend (that supposed him/her as my true friend) left me! I do not know his/her reason..! and it makes me mad and angry! (if I know my fault I can solve my problem, or ...) my friend do not say/write anything to me ! (I do not know it is correct that is correct to name him/her My friend)

this event cause me to miss my trust anyone else as my friend, I can not trust people as my friend...! I do not know what I should do! I think I have right to know my fault and if I have no fault why my friend do like this way !

I MISSED MY TRUST TO PEOPLE, and it is terrible situation


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View all entries from My Lovely Thoghts >

01:52 AM Dec 22 2009


Here, I want to share a writings that ever I posted in one of my pic:


they're like these:

A Reason, A Season or a Lifetime……………
If someone comes into your life for a REASON,
They will guide you, support you, and aid you
Emotionally, physically and most of all spiritually
But without any shortcomings on your part
They will bring the relationship to an end
If someone comes into your life for a SEASON,
Your time has come to learn, to grow, to share
They will give you the peace, the joy, the lessons of life
But they come only for a while
As they are for a season
If someone comes into your life for LIFETIME relationship
You will have a secure foundation
Build with joys and sorrows shared together
With love and care build on solid foundation
Sharing and forgiving no matter what happens
But most of all, loving one another for Allah
Together …….being lovers of Allah………..


everyone inshaAllah will find a life time friend...

he/she who will always with us...in however circumtances we face....

to together reach same destination....