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United States

May 13, 2009


Here I am in Paris, backstage waiting for the show to begin. So far we have played in Nancy, Limoges, Strasbourg, St Etienne, Roubeix, Nantes, Everuax, and Brussels; Any other cities I have forgotten I apologize to, but so far the trip has been a blur.

We flew into Amsterdam in the 28th of April and have been going ever since. We did have day off in Bordeaux and went and saw Kid Congo of Cramps/Gun Club fame. We had a great time. The photo above is from that show!

The best show so far has been in Brussels, if only because they have a strange tradition of breaking beer bottles on the ground and dancing in the shards of glass. Actually, it might not be a tradition but it should be. I will let you know how tonights show goes!

I'd love to meet some Ebaby! members at the upcoming shows. Take a look at my tour dates and come say hi if you can! I'll give you a free Ebaby! t-shirt.

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View all entries from Beren's World >

08:17 AM Jun 26 2009


hi i want to learn spani language could you teach it by the english

09:42 AM May 20 2009


tres bien j'adore la snow


08:57 AM May 16 2009



I am happy to read your experiment.also the your picture is very nice.


01:22 AM May 15 2009



Sealed hello~



03:28 PM May 14 2009



JEY that's good that you doing...

CONGRATULATIONSSS!!!!!!  I want to hear your music, your songs. Give me or send me someone....plis!!

That God blessing you for ever....!!!!Laughing