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June 12, 2009

Since so much has happened and I'm a few days away from being home, I've decided to highlight the best part of the tour so far and skip over a few stops (I'll get to them in the next blog).

I played on a cruise ship. While it was moving. The Misfits also played, as did the Black Lips. If you know me, you know that the Black Lips have been one of my favorite bands for a very long time and playing with them was a dream come true.

The cruise was called Rock Batten and set sail from Stockholm and cruised overnight to Helsinki, Finland. There were a ton of bands on board; Monotonix was there, as was Annihilation Time (who got kicked off in and thrown in jail in Helsinki), and Apache. All the bands were awesome, and did I mention it was on a boat? We got to have three delicious meals, buffet style, with all the other people on the cruise, like older people on board to gamble or vacation.

While we were playing, the ship was rocking oh so slightly. I thought our guitar player was going to hurl. The show was good, and I spotted Cole and Jared from the Black Lips up front. Fun times. After we played, Cole and I gambled a bit and lost 5 Euro; not so good times.

After getting back to Stockholm, we made a mad dash to Debaser, the club where we played another show with the Black Lips and danced until it was light out. Wait, it never gets dark in Scandinavia.

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View all entries from Beren's World >

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